Adventist Health challenged iDCG to develop a tool for distributing targeted interactive content across their hospitals. The goal: communicate with the right people at the right time. 

Websites, newsletters, and post boards are great tools, but users have to search for content pertinent to their role. And with the importance of employee and patient engagement in healthcare delivery, clear communication is critical.

OurGroup i/o is designed to address the challenge. Don't group users like collaboration platforms, or group content like traditional websites. Instead, distribute content through contextual filtering and create a unique viewing experience for each user with content pertinent to their role.

easy to use mobile first Format

OurGroup i/o takes the form of a rich media post board. Users simply navigate through groups and topics visible to them based on the context of their role and the organization they belong to.

Simple content management

Content development and distribution is made easy through a series of intuitive filters. Direct in-post editing makes content updates easy and efficient, and... 

Flexibility / Multiple use cases

Newsletters, post boards, even intranets can be replaced. Other use cases include digital on-boarding and computer based learning via OurGroup i/o's integrated assessments.

Money saved (and Trees)

Imagine contracting designers to create over 20 unique newsletters for a network of hospitals, and printing these for 30,000 employees. It costs a lot of money, and it can be replaced with OurGroup i/o at a significant cost savings.