Content should always be tailored to your organization's individual needs, whether it's developing workflows and systems for content delivery or designing communication strategies around your marketing requirements. iDCG strives to create content that is effective for specialized audiences from internal teams to large campaigns for your customers. 

All of our work starts with the content experience. How does your audience consume content? Is it through traditional media, digital media, or a hybrid of both? We look at the requirements, design an experience, then develop the assets and vehicles to deliver amazing content.

Our workflow focuses on bridging the gap between traditional and digital media realms. We do this through flexible designs that can exist as traditional and digital media simultaneously or by building modular content that changes based on the media or audience requirements.

At iDCG, we like to plan for the big picture by focusing on up-front and impactful, scalable content initiatives. Content should evolve around three pillars: your organization, your brand, and your audience.  Our agency specializes in managing your content initiatives around these pillars for both internal and external communications. This is where we shine.