Sean  podvent

Digital Marketing Director Content & Products

Sean began his professional career writing and designing technical documentation before shifting to creative work. When he joined Applied Minds (an innovation think-tank located in Los Angeles), Sean worked with the Chief Creative Officer on content and communications with companies like Intel, Northrop Grumman, Air Force Research Laboratories, and the Smithsonian Institution. After Applied Minds, Sean struck out independently to consult as a strategist on several media projects with startups and established companies like Getty Images and Infiniti Red Bull Racing.

Sean attended the University of Oregon where he earned his BA in English and minors in Business Administration and Philosophy. Before founding iDCG, Sean enjoyed connecting the written word with design, technology, and experiences.

John Will  clay

EXECUTIVE producer & Film Director

Best known for his work in advertising and independent films, John is an award-winning director and executive producer. He has worked on a wide range of major ad campaigns with brands like Chevrolet, Vogue, Urban Outfitters, Ford, Michael Kors, Radio Shack, and more. He also served as executive producer for the zombie cult film State of Emergency.

John attended the University of Kentucky where he earned his degree in film. He has continued working in film and currently serves iDCG in that capacity.

mark  loparco

Co- Founder /executive director / TECHNOLOGY

Mark has an incredibly diverse background that makes him uniquely qualified to tackle big problems in design, education, development, and more. His career has ranged from creating interactive games for Disney to producing course materials for UCLA to developing apps for Bank of America. His advanced skill set lends him perfectly to fill many different roles, but within iDCG Mark mainly focuses on conceptualizing and executing technology-oriented ideas and projects.   

Mark attended Cornell University where he earned his BA in architecture. He later earned a master’s degree in education at UCLA, where he worked with one of his professors on an Educational Software system. Mark went on to work with Activision and Disney Interactive designing games and web technologies.  


andi    terada

brand integration & ONline brand development

Andi advises top new media talent and influencers on how to navigate the business side of content creation and brand establishment. Her understanding of the nexus between social media, new media, influencers, and brands paired with her entertainment attorney background has enabled her to manage successful multi-platform marketing campaigns with brands like Pepsi, Lenovo, ULTA, Kia, Mountain Dew, Crest, and Dove. Andi’s background as a dancer and actor allows her to connect with creatives in ways that a primarily business-minded advisor may not.  

Andi attended UCLA where she earned her degree in psychology. She later attended USC to get her law degree, specializing in entertainment law. A strong combination of business professionalism and creative understanding makes Andi a strong advisor within iDCG.